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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Tossed Caesar Salad - 3/29/20

If you're like me you've been cooking a lot more than usual since eating out has been pretty strictly curtailed.  Even our delivery options around here are pretty limited, and I'm hoping that the restaurants we love that are closed now will be able to reopen again when we're through all of this.  Let's travel to California for a nice:

Tossed Caesar Salad

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Mmm, pie. - 3/28/20

Today's puzzle takes us to Minnesota and features a dessert that I somehow must not have even tried during my first 50 years.  I had a preconceived notion that I didn't like it, and when I ended up receiving one at Thanksgiving I sort of grudingly tried it.  What a surprise. I love sweet things but I admit that I had to limit myself to small pieces or the sugar rush was just too much.  It's not really a very spring-like dessert, but I hope you'll enjoy this:

Pecan Pie

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Peace and Love - 3/27/20

Well, darn it. I did it again.  I had the post ready to go and had the time set wrong.  Sorry!

Today I'm featuring a brand new geo-art from Texas.  The puzzles aren't too difficult, but since there are 63 of them there's plenty to keep you busy if you like.  I figured it might be a nice break from the news to spend some time thinking about:

Peace & Love #1

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Brain drain - 3/26/20

Tonight I'm feeling like I've been puzzling all day, but it wasn't nearly as much fun as that usually is.  The puzzles I've been solving are trying to figure out how to learn the different technology I'll be using in moving to teaching, tutoring, and testing online starting next week and in some cases trying to make the programs do things they weren't really designed to do (think of having a hammer when what you really need is a screwdriver).  I think I'm making progress but it's slow. Fortunately I already had the right background for today's Virginia puzzle:

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March Madness - 3/25/20

When I looked back at today's Indiana puzzle, which I first shared in 2013, I hadn't saved the coordinates so I ended up going through it all over again.  I had just as much fun the second time, so I thought it was definitely worth a re-run, as we look forward to the time when we'll be able to once again enjoy the more welcome kind of:

March Madness!!!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Census Questions - 3/24/20

I took the time to do our census form today, and was surprised that it didn't actually take that long.  I think one year we got one of the "long form" versions (which apparently aren't used any more) and it took forever, so I was glad that it went quickly.  It got me thinking about sharing a census-related puzzle with you today, and I found this one from Virginia, which shares some interesting background information on census data, and is part of a larger series you might enjoy trying out:

Be the Genealogist-Census

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Spatial Relations - 3/23/20

Spatial relations has never been one of my strong suits, and I have noticed over the years that there are a lot of puzzles out there that give me trouble because of that.  I've had to train myself to really look for aspects relating to drawing or visualizing shapes because I tend to overlook them.  Even when I'm looking for them, though, I'm much more likely to interpret them backwards, upside down, or inside out than to get it right on the first try.  Such was the case with today's Oregon puzzle:

3-D Blocks - a Visual Puzzle

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