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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dönerstag Thursday - 4/20/17

I looked high and low for a puzzle to post in honor of last week's "Dönerstag" event, but wasn't able to find one in advance.  I've seen several pop up since then so I'm posting one of them here today.  I wasn't able to even find much about the holiday by googling ... whether it was because I didn't use the umlaut, whether I spelled it with the extra "n" (which just means "Thursday") or if I just missed something because I wasn't being referred to sites in German, I don't know.   I'm curious how much of a thing this really is in Germany.

I finally went back and read the geocaching announcement and (feel free to skip ahead if you already know this) it turns out the holiday is a play on the similarity between the German word for "kebob" and the beginning of the word "Thursday" so it's something like "kebob-Thursday."  I can't think of a good English equivalent at the moment but am familiar with the concept.  When I stayed with a family in France for a couple weeks as a high-schooler the dad had a funny habit of  trying to cover up a certain swear word by turning it into "Wednesday."  At any rate, this Ohio puzzle doesn't really talk about Dönerstag besides in the title, but I like to think of it as a "sudo-kubob."  Try your luck with:

Dönerstag Sudoku Conundrum #2

Tomorrow we'll ...

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