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Monday, June 25, 2018

Stumblefind! - 6/25/18

I actually stumbled across this California puzzle while searching for something to share with you tomorrow, and it turned out to be very appropriate.  While caching in Ohio recently, I had the opportunity to try to pay a visit to a puzzle cache that was shared with me about a year ago.  It was a really unique one, and hadn't been found (or DNF'd) in about 3 years previously.  Although it required a little bit of a drive to get there, my companions for the day VPPlayer and CounselorTroi were game to give it a shot.  When we arrived at the location I told them generally where I thought it was going to be, and made a bee-line for the specific spot I was sure I remembered being mentioned in the hint.  Before I could get there, they had a cache in hand from a very similar, but different spot, and they had opened it up and remarked how it had just been found recently by three or four different people on different days. It didn't appear to be a throw-down container, as there was an old, kind of yucky log down in the bottom of it.  We figured they must just not have logged the find yet.

I will admit that it felt pretty anti-climactic, but I couldn't argue with what they had found ... however, something didn't sit right with me, and after I got home I did a little investigating and realized we had actually stumbled upon a completely different cache!  I'm still kicking myself for not checking the original spot where I wanted to look, and am hoping they'll go back and check for me sometime soon. The cache I had wanted to find was old enough that I wouldn't be at all surprised if somehow the later one had managed to sneak by the reviewer and be ok'd for placement so close to the original one.  In the mean time, so as not to give anything away, I did not log that


Tomorrow we'll ...

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