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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Puzzle Solving 101 - the Fun Continues - 5/8/18

Not long ago I heard that all of the caches except the Final in epeterso2's excellent Puzzle Solving 101 series in Florida were being archived.  If you've not done the series, the puzzles are still available and I highly recommend them.  But even if you have you have solved the puzzles remotely, there is some more fun awaiting you.  Previously, the clues for the Final Exam could only be obtained only by visiting the caches themselves.  Now they are all available online and you can collect the clues and solve the Final Exam puzzle yourself.  Check out all the details on the cache page.

This series has a long history for me. I worked on these early in my puzzling career, and discovered the Remote Solver TB  back in May of 2011.  At that time I had never taken a vacation specifically for geocaching, and had no real hope of ever logging the final.  After taking an overnight up to Canada to find a tribute "mid-term" exam puzzle in October of 2012, I started wondering if I could get to Florida and log the real thing, which I did in January of 2013.  I was thrilled to receive my Puzzle-Headed Weenie diploma and graduation gift in the cache.

As I was re-reading the cache page and logs, I noticed mention of finders who'd made the Dean's List, and I didn't seem to be one of them.  Now, I always was a very competitive student, so I wasn't going to rest until I sorted out why I wasn't eligible.  And so, more than 5 years after the fact, the fun continued ... and I finally did make the list.

I've already featured the final puzzle here years ago, so I decided to feature another tribute puzzle, this one in North Carolina.  In order to solve it, I would either have to start over from the beginning, or find my notes from 7 years ago.  One thing I've always wished is that I were better organized in my solving process so I could easily go back and check things after a long time.  I tend to fill up notebooks and scrap sheets of paper without labels, dates, or any identifying information. But I am a bit of a pack rat and didn't think I would have thrown away something so important.  I am pleased to report that after only a few minutes of mucking around in a box in the garage I found the right legal pad with the very important information for:

ePeterso2's Puzzle Solving 101 Series

Tomorrow we'll ...

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